MH&P Das Keilrahmen Werk®


Körnerstraße 19, 10785 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 33980033
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We are one of the leading specialists in the production of stretched canvases in Europe. From individual one-off pieces to small series production and large-scale production of thousands of frames in a short time. Thanks to our broad and flexible range of machinery, we can fulfil almost any wish within the bounds of what is technically feasible.

Whether it is a 73.5 x 108.9 cm or 8.0 cm thick stretcher frame, standard stretcher frames in several frame heights, museum quality and a wide selection of fabric types for all painting techniques: canvases from the MH&P workshops in Berlin are convincing. Consistent and constant quality in the selection of materials as well as modern machine-controlled just-in-time production ensure our reliability in transport and logistics. In this way we fulfil our claim for an excellent level of service for our national and European customers.

Developed and produced by artists for artists for over 30 years in the heart of Berlin - Made in Germany.

MH&P Das Keilrahmen Werk. Private Label

Private Label

Quality, reliability in material and production for your trade mark

Handcrafted individual production and fully automatic series production under one roof at our location in Germany make us one of the leading and most flexible suppliers in Europe in terms of canvas production and related services.

For almost 10 years, we have also been selling our self-developed technologies in the semi- and fully-automatic machine production of stretcher frames all over the world under MH+P Technology GmbH . You can profit from this.

We not only offer you our branded products, but also cater to your individual requirements, be it lath, fabric, label, quality, packaging and other wishes. The increasingly demanding market requires, above all, more flexibility, expert support and, of course, the service that is indispensable.

We at MH&P DAS KEILRAHMEN WERK® meet all these requirements with, among other things:

  • Compliance with agreed delivery times. If things have to move faster because you have a bottleneck, we do our best to support you as quickly as possible!
  • Production sizes starting from small quantities with constant subsequent delivery service are just as possible as large volume orders.
  • We design your label, check legal labelling requirements and much more for your private label production.
MH&P Das Keilrahmen Werk. Pfalzung der Leinwand.


Special dimensions - canvases for individualists

Special moulding dimensions, special stretcher frame productions in cm or inch. We cut fabric and wooden strips to fit and mount the chosen stretcher frame.

Large formats

Oversized canvases in the dimensions e.g. 120 x 200 cm or 200 x 340 cm we produce individually just-in-time without long waiting times. For almost the entire range of fabrics and mouldings with transport-safe packaging and shipping.

Custom-made products

We plan, produce, assemble and hang extra-wide or extra-long master frames with dimensions of up to 400 x 800 cm and larger with our museum-level specialists. Are you looking for special surfaces for outdoor use, B1 suitability or other extreme situations? Ask our specialists!

Series production

Consistently high quality, combined with production in Berlin, enables flexible production even in a short time. Ask about our conditions for series production of 20, 200, 2,000 or 20,000 pieces.

Delivery service for large formats, custom-made products and small batches

We also deliver directly on your behalf with a neutral sender to the final customer address. Save yourself and your customer the hassle and trouble of double delivery costs and handling bulky goods.

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